You’ve got plenty of data. You need insight training.

Our customer insight training programs and workshops are created to support you – the insight leader. With our customizable training programs and workshops, you and your team can learn how to develop insight to spark and sustain innovation in your organization.

The marketing research industry continues to focus innovation solely on technology: to gather more, faster, cheaper, data. And while insight leaders and teams have access to an ever-growing array of panels, DIY surveys, social media dashboards, and mobile apps, they are struggling to make sense of it all. More data does not equal more insight; yet only insight sparks innovation.

  • There is no App for Insights!

    The world of analytical thinking ends when data is transformed into knowledge. Insight thinking differs from analytical thinking by involving many different parts of the brain and combining observations and knowledge into new combinations based upon seeing new connections and relationships. True insights are a deep, novel understanding of a truth about your customers that unlocks new opportunity for your brand or business. Insights don’t come from people’s mouths in a focus group, global brand trackers, big data algorithms, or social media listening – insight-driven organizations know how to look for, uncover, connect, develop and and disseminate insights throughout their organization.

  • Empathy Unlocks Insight

    If there is a starting point for creating a culture of insight, either personally or for your organization, it is empathy. It does not matter if you are B2C, B2B or NFP – the ability to walk a mile in your customers shoes, to deeply understand the needs of other human beings – is the key to unlocking insight for your business. Yet our culture of “busyness” keeps us in the office, behind computer screens instead of out talking to people, to our customers. Break the cycle!

  • Create a Culture of Insight

    Insight-driven organizations know that insights lie at the center of a culture of innovation. Fortunately, insight can be influenced because it is not a fixed ability – with practice it can be improved. You and your team can learn what insight thinking is, how to define insights, how to develop insight, and provide everyone in your organization with a means for recognizing and using them to spark and sustain innovation. We hope this site helps you to unlock the power of insight – read our blog to get started!

Machines are for answers. Humans are for questions.
– K. Kelly