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Learn how to develop more  insights
with a custom insights workshop or consumer insights course

Everyone knows a good customer insight when they see one. But many teams, drowning in data and an abundance of knowledge, struggle with creating insights that inspire. There are three primary reasons for this:

  1. They lack a working definition of what an insight is, and isn’t
  2. They don’t recognize that insight is not the outcome of rigorous analysis, but of creativity
  3. They lack a repeatable process for uncovering, developing and communicating insights

Fortunately, your ability to create new insights can be improved with practice. You and your team can learn what insight thinking is, how to define and develop insight, write them up, and inspire your organization.

Choose a training course that fits your needs below.

New ONLINE TRAINING! Creating Customer Insights that Inspire.

Led by John Holcombe at, this course meets once a week for two weeks, 90 minutes each (3 hours total, plus one homework assignment).

Click here for dates and registration.

Day One

  1. Defining insight
    1. Insight Thinking: the brain science behind insight and why it matters
    2. Customer insights: what they are/are not, and a template for writing inspiring insights
    3. Inputs: explore types of research that foster insight development

Day Two

  1. Creating insights from knowledge
    1. Approaches for creating insights from knowledge
    2. Process: the “customer insight journey”
      1. Overview of tools & techniques to use in your process
  2. Sustaining insight in your organization
    1. Assess your organization’s capacity for ongoing, sustainable insight creation
    2. Identify and overcome the 7 Insight Killers in your organization
    3. Explore ways to foster more insightful thinking and inspire your organization
  3. Summary

The InsightsLab®

The InsightsLab® workshop provides your team with the tools to create new inspiring insights; a facilitated deep-dive into your existing or new consumer research designed to provide your  team – insights professionals, market researchers, product developers and brand managers – with a springboard to innovation (download the InsightsLab course overview).

Gather your team to explore your challenge:

  • new advertising campaign development
  • brand revitalization
  • opportunities/white space/unmet needs
  • new concept/product development
  • marketing strategy
  • strategic planning
  • product naming

Course topics often include:

  • Immersion into your customers’ world
  • Data synthesis – creating potential insight “territories”
  • Tools and techniques for sparking fresh insights
  • Consumer insights defined, and a template for writing them up
  • Insight optimization
  • Action planning for next steps

I am a big fan of John’s InsightsLab®. He is a very collaborative partner and his process is an efficient way to collectively “work” your team’s knowledge. At the end of the two days everyone walks away with a deeper understanding of your shared consumer, your brand promise and your customized deliverable in hand.” Director, Latina Marketing at Kraft Foods

Insight Thinking: Pathways to Discovery

There is also the challenge of improving your team’s ability for ongoing, sustainable insight development. Insight Thinking: Pathways to Discovery (download the Pathways to Discovery course overview) provides your team with the tools, processes and mindset to instill a culture of insight within your organization. Pathways to Discovery explores deliberate insight thinking, proven tools and techniques, and key insights processes and practices your team will put to work the day you get back.

Topics often include:

  • Introduction to insight thinking – the neuroscience behind insight and how it differs from analytical thinking
  • Key approaches to insight development
  • Tools and techniques for sparking fresh insights
  • How to benchmark insight and share them effectively throughout your organization
  • Assessing your organization’s culture of insight and overcoming the 7 insight killers
  • Taking it Home – making your organization’s insight journey routine by overcoming organizational insight killers

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for facilitating a great Pathways to Discovery session with our Breakthrough Innovation team in Austin. I’ve heard a lot of great chatter from the team about the experience and people have been using the insight tools already which is a sign of success in my book. Also heard Barry say great things too which is awesome!  Director of Front End Innovation, Kraft Foods

Insight Thinking: Pathways to Discovery is also a great workshop for consumer insight suppliers, innovation agencies and advertising agencies.