New Online Consumer Insights Training from the Insights Guy!

New Online Consumer Insights Training from the Insights Guy!

Creating Customer Insights that Inspire.

Led by John Holcombe at, this course meets once a week for two weeks, 90 minutes each (3 hours total, plus one homework assignment).

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Day One

  1. Defining insight
    1. Insight Thinking: the brain science behind insight and why it matters
    2. Customer insights: what they are/are not, and a template for writing inspiring insights
    3. Inputs: explore types of research that foster insight development

Day Two

  1. Creating insights from knowledge
    1. Approaches for creating insights from knowledge
    2. Process: the “customer insight journey”
      1. Overview of tools & techniques to use in your process
  2. Sustaining insight in your organization
    1. Assess your organization’s capacity for ongoing, sustainable insight creation
    2. Identify and overcome the 7 Insight Killers in your organization
    3. Explore ways to foster more insightful thinking and inspire your organization
  3. Summary
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John Holcombe

John is currently the Founder of Wellspring Insights & Innovation and a member of the Board of Directors for the Miami Innovation Fund. John helps many iconic brands and organizations fill up their innovation pipeline with insights, ideas and new concepts. He also offers workshops and training on how individuals and organizations can have more and better insights by developing a culture of insight.

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