Our qualitative approaches are guided by empathy. We work with you and your team to create a holistic understanding of your customer; not your ‘consumer’ or ‘target’ – but the human being you are trying to impact. We help you see their world, understand their feelings and appreciate them as people.

We use qualitative approaches to explore through observation, inquiry and discussion. We uncover the subconscious values, perceptions, attitudes, emotions and beliefs that often drive behavior. We find the unarticulated tensions, problems and “jobs to be done” that create opportunities for innovation. We go beyond qualitative research to create fresh insights that will inspire your organization.

Insight services:

  • Focus groups
  • In-depth interviews
  • Online & Mobile qualitative
  • Shop-alongs
  • Immersions
  • Ethnography
  • Digital ethnography
  • Customer Co-Creation

“John was able to open up our eyes to the consumer. During two, year-long ethnographic panels with twenty-two Latina moms, we were able to build a solid foundation of learning that led to deeper insights and the ability to provide direction across the marketing mix to our business teams.” Sr. Consumer Insights Manager, Kraft Foods

“I have partnered with John for over eight years on a variety of research projects. Most recently, we’ve conducted InsightsMax® studies to re-position two of our core brands with a new generation of consumers. InsightsMax® is a unique approach to immersive qualitative research that engages our brand managers to collaborate and be an integral part of the insights team – they “see and feel” the insights directly by observing the ethnographic research, participating in creative maxi-group sessions with the consumers and participating in debriefing sessions. The deliverable is a rich, highly visual documentary movie that extends the reach of the insights to upper management and the local sales teams. I highly recommend John for strategic research.” Consumer Insights Director, Bacardi USA